Meet David Hall: Founder And Creator of Beverley Park Homes

As a brand new, start-up park home and holiday park association we understand the importance of growing and developing strong valuable relationships with our members and those within the park home industry. Our Director General, Bradley Chapman, therefore decided to hit the road and begin his road trip across UK, starting with Yorkshire and Birmingham.

During the first few days we were able to meet some of the UKs leading manufacturers including Omar Group, Willberby and Fitrite, and various other park operators and service providers. In this visit we were also fortunate enough to meet an incredible up and coming park home manufacturing business called Beverley Park Homes.

Meeting David Hall (the founder of Beverley Park Homes) was an incredible and touching experience. He is a hard-working, inspiring, and devoted individual to his business. Walking through their amazing manufacturing plant you can see the effort and precision that goes into each unit from start to finish.

The love and dedication to his 4-year business is evident. Starting as just a cabinet maker, he quickly learnt about his passion for creating, building, and constructing. Fascinated with this process he transferred his skills and built his own park home manufacturing business. With grand dreams and aspirations for the future of his company, the success is evident. It is great to see an entrepreneur whose dedication, time and hard work have allowed him to break through in this hugely competitive market.

Beverley Park Homes is a young but fresh business with so much growth in their future. With their newest edition to the factory an additional 7000 sq ft facility, it enables them to increase their production capacity by 50%.

That in itself shows that hard work and dedication will pay off. Starting with small teams, building the units all in one place rather than having various production lines, who knows what the future has in store for this incredible up and coming business. But one thing for sure they really are ‘one to watch’.

When asked about his favourite part of the business, David Hall answered, “I like to see the process and the product go through. The manufacturing process from start-to-finish is always the best part”. He explains that ‘whilst there are many successful park home manufacturers and suppliers, they are quite different in the way that they do things’. As a company they greatly value the relationships that they build with their customers as well as the local parks. Always going above and beyond for each and every customer.

This is also clear within the workplace, with a caring and enjoyable environment provided for his employees. The park home manufacturing sector is heavily populated in East Yorkshire, with many companies choosing Hull as a business and production base. Therefore, it is essential for David to make sure that his employees are well taken care of and have the passion for the industry.

His journey is one that many (if not all) business people can relate to. It is a reminder of the beauty of start-up businesses. Many people do not realise about the hours and dedication that goes into the early stages of growth. The number of sleepless nights and restless minds. The times where everyone has gone to sleep and your brain is up, ticking away.

However, it is always worth it in the end. You begin to find the balance again. Without a doubt it takes a lot of hard work and effort to get yourself started, but it is a rewarding outcome, nonetheless. As your team begins to grow you can begin to rely on each other and grow rather than be all on your own.

For more information about Beverley Park Homes visit or contact 01964508508.


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