Mentoring & Consulting

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Welcome Bradley Chapman's Mentoring & Consulting

Mentoring & Consulting

Bradley has been mentoring and consulting business owners for over 30 years, and he is a seasoned and professional business coach, life coach and brand strategist.
He has previously worked with companies such as Spice Girls, Coca Cola, Star Wars, Ted Baker and many more. You can learn more about Bradley by visiting his Bio below

Please find below a number of options where Bradley works on a one-to-one basis with managing directors, company owners and in some cases aspiring entrepreneurs that are requiring their business to be taken to the next level.

Complimentary Discovery Call

  • The complimentary discovery call consists of a 30 minute confidential call for you to explain to Bradley where you are currently with you personal and business growth so that he can understand how he can help you to move your business forward.

6 Weeks Consulting Program With Bradley Chapman

  • This consists of a 90 minute coaching and mentoring call each week with Bradley Chapman (Six weeks of 90 minute calls)
£975 + VAT

12 Week Coaching Program With Bradley Chapman

  • This consists of a 90 minute coaching and mentoring call each week with Bradley Chapman. (Twelve weeks of 90 minute calls)
£2875 + VAT

In-depth Business Evaluation With Bradley Chapman

  • Full day of Bradley Chapman visiting the premises to make an assessment.
  • One extra half day with Bradley Chapman at your business premises
  • One day follow up and execution
£2,500 + VAT

Joint Venture Business Partnership Opportunities

  • We are currently looking at businesses that are aligned with our group investments. For all enquiries relating to business partnerships with your company, please email for a confidential discussion.
  • Details on application

Appoint Bradley Chapman To Your Board

  • Bradley Chapman joins carefully selected companies as part of their board of directors. He'll attend monthly board meetings and also act as a mentor to your board, company and yourself to help you achieve outstanding, profitable and successful business growth.
On Request