Our 5 Tips On Moving Into A Retirement Park

Moving at any time in your life can be a daunting and stressful process. From having to pack up an endless amount of boxes with items you didn’t even know you had to picking the right property for a happy retirement.

Here is our top 5 tips of making your park home move an exciting one rather than stressful.

Firstly, do not worry!

Yes, moving anywhere new is a scary thought. Having to let go of a lifestyle you’re familiar with and adjust to all new changes is intimidating. But do not worry. This is a great new chance for a fresh start, reward yourself for the hard work you’ve put in throughout your life and start enjoying the lifestyle that you well and truly deserve. Many parks including Wyldecrest Parks will ensure that you are in good hands from finding you the right home to ensuring that you’re having the best retirement that you deserve.

Find out more about your location

Take advantage of your new surroundings. Take the time to explore the new environment and find your local favourites. Not only will this bring your retirement to life but will also give you the reassurance that your future self will be very grateful for your big move. This means that not only do you get to enjoy the comforts of your new luxurious park home but also head out to town and explore a brand new environment.

Speak to your future neighbours and other fellow park home owners

For extra reassurance, browse online or speak to other park home owners who may already have that insight into park home living. Not only will this let you discover the local favourites or the events that will suite your desires but you may even make a new friend along the way!

Flip your mindset! – You’re not downsizing, you’re rightsizing

Undoubtedly, ‘downsizing’ can be daunting, especially when you’re faced with a lifetime of belongings to consider. Instead, see this as a chance to start fresh, clear your space and de-clutter. You know what they say, ‘clear your space, clear your mind’.

Explore your options

Many residential/retirement parks will have the right place for your, from a wide range of property to suit your desires to various locations to fir your lifestyle.

Whilst big changes are often worrying and it can often seem easier to just stick to what you’re familiar with, ask yourself this: will my current position help me retire happy and comfortable? If your answer is no then explore your options and begin your planning for a more positive future.

Relocating for a happy and healthy retirement will be daunting but your future self with be thankful. Many retirement parks and villages will always be there to help you and your needs, explore your options and start your retirement journey today.


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