Park Home Websites – How do I start developing a site?

Park Home Websites – How do I start developing a site?

Creating a park home website can be a daunting task. Whether or not you’re looking for something minimalistic, or something complex, it’s hard to create a perfect balance to appeal to all users.

Similarly for all businesses, creating a website has been historically time sensitive and draining. Deadlines need to be met, but at the same point, good quality websites cannot be rushed. In this article, I will be explaining my best tips for speeding up the process and ensuring quality, without sacrificing too much time and effort.

1. Coding VS CMS (Content Management Systems), what do I pick?

In the past 30 years, we have seen an impressive evolution of website development. Originally, websites had to be coded from scratch using HTML. Website development was notorious for costing a fortune, due to how long it would take to develop a site. Nowadays, websites can be very minimal in cost if you do it yourself or hire somebody to develop your website using a Content Management System such as WordPress, which is our top pick.

Why WordPress?

Created in 2003, WordPress has been a staple in website development due to its Open Source nature and ease-of-use. Both website professionals and amateurs alike can find success in this platform. As of this article, there is over 58,000 plugins to choose from (source: Due to this, there are plugins for all sorts of businesses and situations. At Park Home & Holiday Park Association, we have found WordPress to be extremely versatile and effective in creating quality websites fast.

For the Park Home & Holiday Park Industry, it’s important that we create websites that our clients can access easily, and use certain plugins to keep their business organized. This could be a booking plugin, for example, to optimize the booking process and potentially even make bookings contact free, which is extremely relevant now in the midst of the virus Covid-19.

2. Why isn’t my website ranking high in Google?

Search Engine Optimization is a very important aspect of Website Development. This is the process of optimizing a website to make sure that Google is happy with it, on a technical basis. Very simply, Google looks at the following points:

  • Page Speeds
  • Meta Information
  • Internal Linking
  • Optimized Media
  • Keywords
  • User Experience

There are plenty others, and Google can be very strict about these points, so nailing each and every Search Engine Optimization area will ensure higher ranking.

It’s really important to make sure that you are creating lots of content for each of the search terms you would like to rank for in search engines.

Who can I ask to check this for me?

Joining our membership includes a Website Review, in which we will go into detail on what can be improved on your site. Through the review, we test various aspects of your site, from page speeds to indexing / ranking.

3. How do I start ?

If you are part of our association as a Member, you will have the opportunity to get great value website support. Specializing in WordPress and Search Engine Optimization, we can supply and maintain websites during your membership.

If you are trying to develop the website in-house, our best suggestion would be to learn WordPress and use one of the various pre-built themes you can find online. Using one of these themes, with a popular editor such as Elementor, you can create a great responsive site. While that’s the case, there are various other techniques and methods that are used in Website Development that go past creating the content. To really maximize your website, a team of experts at hand is your best bet.

4. When is the best time to start a Website?

The best time is now. The age of a website can very much determine how much search engines trust the site. This means that the older your site, and the more content, the more likely you are going to rank highly. Through creating content sooner than later, it ensures visibility. Starting now also means that you will get more experience in what kind of content works best, and how to develop your website to best suit those who visit and consume your online content.

5. Why is it important to have a team of website experts at hand?

There’s a lot more to website development than making something that look good. Due to how search engines work, it’s important to have people who know what they are doing. This helps push your site as far as possible. Somebody who doesn’t know common web practices, may find it difficult to create content that is engaging and rewarding. Somebody in the Park Home & Holiday Park Industry may find that they don’t have the time needed to create lots of website content, so it’s important to have experts who can do the bulk work for you so that all that is needed, are posts based on the industry/topic at hand.


Website development is a complicated process at times, especially when you want to make the most out of your time/content. Many businesses find that they create content for their websites that doesn’t get seen. Generally a company might develop a simple brochure style website and leave it at that and not add any content. Through this, it becomes a cycle of not having many people find the site organically. Simply put, the more content you have, the more likely you will get organic impressions coming through your website. Through the Park Home & Holiday Park Association Membership, we are here to assist you with your website development process, to ensure that you get an organic flow of online customers.





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