Here at the Park Home and Holiday Park Association we believe in supporting the Park Home Industry, it’s park operators and suppliers.

We do this by:

  • Creating positive social media to show the world what a fantastic industry it is.
  • Bringing together people throughout the industry to work with each other and stand shoulder to shoulder.
  • Offering training so that operators can create more, great quality parks that will provide excellent facilities and services to the residents and holiday makers.
  • Offering awards to businesses doing a brilliant job across the industry and recognising excellence.
  • We want to support our members to strive for the very highest of standards and believe that a high tide raises all ships.
  • Lobbying government to help and support operators.

We know there are other associations out there who are doing a brilliant job of:

  • Supporting residents, including mediation.
  • Offering approval to manufacturers and operators reaching excellent standards.
  • Supporting the supply chain.
  • Encouraging parks to have high environmental standards via the Bellamy Awards.
  • Support the park home industry

We believe…

The park home and holiday park association are glad to be working alongside these well-established and hardworking industry veterans.

We believe that it is only by working together, side by side creating a solid industry front, that we can strive forward and flower into all that we can be.

As an industry we have been given a poor reputation. People have preferred to take holidays aboard and park homes have been considered undesirable places to live. This is no longer true.

Record numbers of people have holidayed in UK parks this year. Many people have learned the joy of the British countryside and of waking to the smell of dew on the grass. Moreover, holiday in Britain has a much lower carbon footprint than travelling aboard and with rising fuel prices this will continue to be an ideal option for families.

Park Homes are no longer flimsy and damp but are now built to high industry standards and with comfortable and high-end interiors which sport all mod cons.

We believe that park homes are the solution to affordable living … and not at the expense of style or comfort. We can also do so with less environmental impact than many other housing options, yet the authorities are often reluctant to give permission to new sites.

For many years people in the industry have been denied a voice … it is time to be heard!

Additionally, residents associations have been strong because they stand together. It is our time to stand together.

We are here to listen

So, let us be your ears so we know what to campaign for and your voice so that we can speak as one to the government. Let us help you to create more and better parks. Let us help you by showing the world how wonderful living on a residential park can be.

Join us at – together alongside other associations we can improve the industry and finally make the change.


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