The Roadmap To The Re-Opening Of Holiday & Leisure In The UK

2020/21 has been a tough time for us all. However with the summertime approaching people are starting to consider their time away from home provided Covid regulations allow.

Here is what you can expect during the Re-Opening:

12th April – 16th May Re-Opening

  • Accommodation will begin re-opening but limited to one household per accommodation.
  • Facilities like indoor swimming pools & outdoor dining will open.
    ShowBars, Arcades, indoor dining, indoor play, Aquaparks & creative activities closure remains until restrictions are lifted
  • All touring & camping breaks will remain closed until restrictions are lifted
  • Government Restrictions: social distancing restrictions in place. Following the rule of 6, with no more than 2 households mixing outdoors only. All mixing indoors to remain to one household only.

17th May – 20th June

  • Accommodation is open, limited to two households per unit.
  • All facilities begin to reopen as normal.
  • Touring & camping breaks will now be available
  • Government restrictions: Social Distancing restrictions remain in place, making sure that you are following the rule of 6.
    No more than two households mixing together can be allowed at all times.

June 21st (to be confirmed by the government closer to the date).

  • Accommodation will be open as per usual
  • All facilities will be open as per usual
  • Touring and camping breaks will be available to the public
  • Government Restrictions: ALL social distancing measures will no longer be required to follow


As we step closer to normality, holiday and leisure parks begin to welcome you back to enjoy your time away from home.

Updated rules for the coronavirus restrictions as provided by the United Kingdom Government Website 

Making sure that you follow the restrictions provided by the Government is extremely vital so businesses and activities can continue to slowly re-open as the virus lessens. Even those on holiday are expected to fully follow the rules.


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