What Is The BS3632 Standard?

What Is The BS3632 Standard?

What is it and how does it work?

If you’re involved in the park home industry or are simply looking for a residential park home, you’ve probably seen this strange code. We can only assume this left you confused (it certainly confused us when we first started). Well now we’re educated, and we’re ready to share this knowledge with you. So, if you are looking to learn more about the BS3632 standard, keep reading this blog.

The British Standard Institute (BSI) is a UK body responsible of the production a various range of standards for businesses and products. Ensuring that the business/product are fit for its purpose. First published in 1963, the BS3632 covers the quality of residential park homes and some lodges.

Essentially, this standard lists the design criteria ensuring that all models of residential park homes and lodges are fit for their specific purpose. This way individuals can be protected and assured that the end product is safe and up to a great standard.

The technical aspect of the BS3632 standard covers specific requirements and codes of practice that may be expected of a manufacturer, provider, or any business. It is mainly concerned with the construction and design of the residential park home itself. These standards are suitable for permanent and all year use residential park homes (and some lodges).

The new BS3632:2015 Standard

2015 saw the introduction of BS3632:2015 which replaced the previously mentioned standard. Whilst this standard still focuses on residential park homes it ensures that they are built to a different standard, providing many improvements. Curious to find out what is the largest improvement? Well, it’s all to do with energy efficiency.

Traditionally, mobile homes are built with thin walls and single glazed units which often left the homes poorly insulated making it costly to maintain a comfortable level of heating for the home.

As a result, the new standard aims to revamp and boost this in new residential park homes by updating the specification criteria. Unlike the previous criteria, this specification focuses more on thermal insulation, ventilation, stability of the home once it has been sited and the room size.

By addressing how to install and construct the right external walls, floors and ceiling in an energy efficient manner will increase the standard of living of the residents. Alongside the increased standard of living, BS3632:2015 also allows both the letting parks and owners see savings from reduced energy consumption and running costs.

The BSI based their decision to revisit the BS3632 in order to consider the changes in technology since 1963. The new and updated technology allowed BSI to take our carbon footprint into consideration and ultimately provide a better solution for both the residents and the environment. These changes will allow manufacturers to produce safe homes that are fit for their purpose and can be comfortable all year around.

This is particularly relevant as the industry continuous to boom. With the interest in UK park homes increases, so does the demand for well-built and comfortable mobile homes. Thus, you can be rest assured that when making the decision to purchase a park home for all year living, you will be provided with a comfortable and energy efficient home that will not be costly to live in.






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