10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Run Events

Planning and hosting events can be a lot of work and effort. But whether your company is large or small there are huge benefits to hosting events. The Park Home and Holiday Park Association recently held a 4-day intensive training course which not only benefited the attendees but was great for us to promote our training and future events. Let me outline some of the benefits so you could see for yourself.

1. Additional revenue 

Corporate events can create additional revenue. Business people have a different way of analysing the business environment, they always think about the bottom line and rightly so! If they have their big business brain on they might think that corporate events are an unnecessary expense to organise. However, that is not the case. 

If they are planned correctly the company will not have to pay the big bucks but will reap the rewards. Selling sponsorship, ad space, VIP tickets and even merchandise will not only break even but they will make a profit if it is done right. 

2. Improvements to company culture

What makes a company a special place to work isn’t determined by the products or services they provide, but by the company culture that has been created. Corporate events can be a great way to cultivate a good atmosphere. 

Bringing people together for even small events like ‘feel good fridays’ or large events like Christmas parties or product launches will show employees all their hard work has contributed to a finished project and also motivate them to do better. Rewarding and fun! 

3. Corporate events can strengthen team cohesion

Getting employees to work together as a team can be difficult at first. People have all different learning and working styles, often leading to some clashes. The only thing your employees have in common at first is that they are all gathered in the same place because you hired them. 

Sometimes team building or even team networking can improve productivity. As well as the office atmosphere. Allowing your employees to get to know each other in a relaxed environment and bond more as a team. 

4. Educate staff and clients of new products and services

You should organise staff training specific to your company that will benefit you and motivate your employees to do amazing work. If you have a new product or service that is launching it makes sense to organise an event to educate the staff and client of the new products.This will promote the business to the clients but also encourage the staff to work efficiently and effectively. It’s a win-win situation really. 

5. Expand your marketing strategy with corporate events

It’s no secret that companies use events to promote their products or services. Event marketing refers to using events to market the company, products, or services and not the marketing of an event. 

A product or service may solve a problem for your customers and that’s good for the short term. However, having an event gives clients a positive experience they’ll associate with your brand in the future. 

6. Be seen as a thought leader

A thought leader is a person or company that is an expert in their field. Clients will learn more from working with thought leaders because they have a proven track record of success and forward thinking. You could use corporate events to promote yourself to the thought leader status. You don’t have to be the expert personally but you can be the person that brings together all the bright minds of the industry. 

7. Stay ahead of your competition by using corporate events

There has been a lot of hype surrounding the benefits of corporate events as a form of marketing. Surprisingly, not everyone hasn’t jumped on this bandwagon. However, many companies have seized the opportunity. Rightly so. Corporate events can set you apart from your competition and promote motivation with employees as they will work for a company that is different from others. 

8. Get deeper insights into your target audience 

What is the key to success? Knowing your customer. The more knowledge you have about customers the easier it will be for you to grab their attention. Corporate events are a great way to collect personal details which may be difficult to gather from a simple customer satisfaction survey. 

Also at an event you can tailor the experience and have face-to-face interactions and can gather some personal information from them. It is a great way to gain insights into your demographic. 

9. Improve customer conversions and retention

Marketing can be an expensive endeavour. It takes creativity to devise new ways of reaching your target audience. And it takes a lot more skills to turn them into customers. A corporate event will enable you to try different methods of conversion out at once. Customers value true, honest and authentic relationships and in-life events are a great way to build just that. 

Face-to-face meetings can be combined with interactive games and activities to increase engagement. Bringing more of a personal experience and gives the company a chance to get to know their client and vice versa. 

10. Show some gratitude 

Finally a corporate event can be an excellent opportunity to show some gratitude for your success, your clients, your partners and most importantly your team. You can organise an awards event to celebrate your company’s achievements. You can give out awards to the key performers in your team but also some of the clients. To celebrate the success and how as an overall team you can all work together to create and display greatness. 

See, we weren’t joking when we said running events is useful and very beneficial! It may sound like a lot of effort and expensive for the pockets. But they do more good than bad for your business, your team and your overall image. 

Corporate events have many different benefits which can be brought to your company. The benefits don’t just have an impact on your company but the staff and clients as well. Why wouldn’t you want to use corporate events if there are minimal risks and your company would be raking in all the benefits. The figures speak for themselves. Event marketing is becoming more popular. Why? Because it works. 



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