8 Tips For Making Your Holiday Parks More Eco-Friendly

Whether you have decided to go ‘green’ to help the environment or to be more cost-effective, the key considerations are still the same. If you’re new to sustainable living and are curious to find out how your park can go green, these tips should do the trick in making you more eco-friendly. 

#1 Research into renewable energy sources

Most of the UK’s electricity is produced by burning fossil fuels, mainly natural gas (42% in 2016) and coal (9% in 2016). There are various alternatives which are more sustainable for the environment and can be more cost effective. A popular energy source currently is solar power. Solar panels use sunlight to make electricity, making the energy source renewable and therefore better for the environment. The initial purchase for solar panels could seem expensive however, in the future it will be cost-effective as your monthly bills will reduce drastically. 

#2 Eco-friendly technology  

Eco-friendly technology is crucial as it promotes and monitors the need to be ‘green’ and how to become more sustainable in the future. A popular eco-friendly technology that is being used currently are smart meters. They are installed by energy suppliers and are used to measure the amount of gas and electricity that is being used and its cost. These are displayed in an in-home unit which customers can use directly instead of the old estimated billings from companies. This also allows homeowners to keep an eye out on their spending, which is beneficial for both the operators and the residents. 

#3 Switch to sustainable or biodegradable products 

Consumers are 58% more likely to buy your company’s products or services if they are aware the company is mindful of its impacts on society and the environment. Switching to biodegradable products will not solve the plastic pollution problems overnight however, it does not add to the growing issue. By using products that are sustainably produced have many different benefits not just for the environment but also for your pocket  as they are multi use products. Some benefits of using sustainable products include: 

  • Enhanced brand image and increased competitive advantage 
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs 
  • Better financial and investment opportunities 
  • Increased preparedness for future legislation and costs 
  • Improved recruitment and quality of employees 
  • Healthier work environment for employees 

The aim is to reduce the use of single use plastic and switch to using products that are multi-use and are made from sustainable materials which are good for the environment. 

#4 Start composting 

If you have food that has gone past the ‘best by’ date, instead of throwing it in the bin why not try composting? Composting helps recycle organic material and food scraps to cut down on waste and creates compost which has lots of benefits. Compost helps establish a healthy ecosystem in your yard by feeding microorganisms that can in turn feed insects, which in turn feed birds, bats and other garden helpers. 

#5 Recycle as much as you can 

The idea of recycling has been around for many years now, but are you recycling currently?  There are a lot more materials that can be recycled that you may not be aware of. Ecogreen speaks about the concept of eco-friendly recycling which is an environment-friendly recycling plan which constitutes all the measures to save our atmosphere from getting polluted. Some friendly tips for recycling would be:

  • Adopt sustainable food packaging 
  • Avoid paper bills 
  • Don’t waste water 
  • Recycle your old technology 
  • Try to buy recycled products 
  • Reduce your waste, reuse products that have multi use and recycle products 

#6 Switch to using more energy efficient appliances

In the past having 32 amp appliances and 100 watt light bulbs was being energy-efficient but that is a thing of the past now, it’s time for an upgrade. LED light bulbs are now 10 watts and will save over 87% on energy just by swapping. It is also more cost and energy efficient.  Appliances such as ovens and microwaves used to run on 32 amps however, there are now 13amps appliances which are more cost effective as they use less energy. In 2018, the government introduced the MEES regulations meaning that commercial landlords can no longer renew or create new tenancies if they do not meet the performance certificate for commercial buildings (EPC) that have a rating of E. Commercial sectors have until 2023 to update their energy usage and have an energy rating above an E before they incur a fine for not being energy efficient enough. 

#7 Shop locally 

Using shops in the local community benefits both the customers and the businesses themselves. By sourcing products from local suppliers it reduces the pollution as it will promote the use of public transport or walking. When you shop at larger chain businesses the products you buy travel over 1500 miles to reach your plate which increases fuel consumption and air pollution. Local shops are more accessible, the produce will be fresher and also will promote local land and wildlife processes. 

#8 Plant flora and encourage natural wildlife 

Gardening can benefit businesses within the park home industry as well as its residents. Having plants and wildlife on the property can be eco-friendly as it populates fresh air, encourages natural plant processes and encourages the natural habitats of animals to continue to populate. Businesses could benefit from trees and plants by utilising the space and planting trees that produce products such as fruit trees. Gardening can also benefit the individuals using the park’s facilities as it inspires positive well being and has a positive impact on mental health as well as promotes the use of outdoor spaces. Surveys have shown that businesses in the park homes industry will benefit by having a set space for residents to grow plants or have a vegetable patch. 

Eco-friendly trends are popular with the younger generations so from a business perspective it would be beneficial to look into more sustainable measures. This will boost your company reputation and also help the environment. The future is eco-friendly so let’s think green.


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