Why Should You Make Your Park Homes Eco-Friendly?

Climate change is affecting the way we operate as a society today. Younger generations are more up to date with the environment trends and how best to clean our planet. Businesses and brands can connect with consumers in a multitude of different ways to encourage and support their need for a healthy and sustainable future. ‘Green’ trends and products have become a popular alternative in the present-day. ‘Green’ housing trends can range from something as small as changing existing light bulbs to LEDs to something as large as using solar panels for energy. Check out our tips on how to make your parks eco-friendlier. Continue reading to find out why you should make your park homes more sustainable. 

The BS 3632 is the British standard that park homes and residential parks must follow when building their properties. In 2015, the aim was updated to improve energy efficiency and to reduce the environmental footprint of residential park homes. Many different manufacturers offer lots of energy saving features such as rainwater harvesting, solar power as well as ground-source heating. All these modifications boost the parks eco credentials and help save money for the future.

Omar Homes have been published in several articles about carbon footprint and being eco-friendly. On average, they are over 30% above the standards that are set by BS3632 on all categories including flooring, walls and even interior accessories. Willerby Bespoke have also been praised for their eco-friendly initiatives within their parks and their plans for updating and implementing changes for the future. Willerby Bespoke uses an Oslo Wall System which has improved their thermal performance by 20%, that is more than ordinary the plasterboard typically used and makes their walls twice as strong as other parks. By improving the energy output for park homes, it will in turn reduce resident monthly bills and ultimately improve the parks energy rating and reputation for being eco-friendly.  

The office for national statistics conducted a survey on outdoor spaces and their uses during COVID 19 lockdowns. The key indicators from the results of the survey would be that during lockdowns natural outdoor spaces become crucial to people’s mental health and well-being. Outdoor spaces are critical to being eco-friendly as they are cost-effective, natural and promote healthy lifestyles. Most Park homes and holiday parks have natural parks or outdoor space that residents or holidaymakers can use. Many Parks are looking into creating long-lasting outdoor facilities such as running tracks, football pitches and tennis courts which can double as event and entertainment spaces. Having facilities with dual functionality will improve the eco-friendliness of sites and will minimise costs for facilities and residents. Since COVID 19, trends towards regular short breaks throughout the year have boomed as well as nature and wellness experiences, offering sites opportunities for new revenue streams.

The park home industry can and should offer a ‘lean and green’ holiday experience which complements contemporary needs and values of the industry. Not only is going green good for the environment but also a trend customers value highly and will look for in the future. Thus, whether you are a park operator or a park supplier, going green will have many benefits not only for the environment but also your company. 


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