Camping and Glamping In Kent

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Camping and Glamping In Kent

Kent is located in the Southeast of England. Furthermore, it is one of the original counties of the UK. Kent is home to some of the oldest religious buildings. Moreover, one of the first places to be settled by the tribes who came over from mainland Europe. Additionally, it is also one of the most populated counties in the country. Kent is a great spot for a camping holiday. In addition, the county is dotted with beaches, ferry trips, seaside towns, along with numerous castles. In like manner, Kent has a plethora of things you could do. First, Fallow Fields Camping at Selson Farm. Not only, this site sits in a gentle valley but also is among apple orchards. Equally, with enough room to take your tent or stay in one of the chich bell tents. Furthermore, anyone who wants to partake in glamping.

Second, Luna Domes at Hoath House. By the same token of glamping, these luna domes will give you a slice of luxury. In addition, to while not losing the charm of camping. Furthermore, this getaway is private and idyllic along with it having a hot tub and pet friendly.   

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