ConciergePro: New Guest Experience App

Gone are the days of heavy paperwork and complicated bookings. is here to make things easier, more cost-effective, and convenient for your business and your guests. The ConciergePro app is a free application for your guests.

Here today, they are creating a ‘touchless’ guest experience app for your holiday and leisure parks, camping and glamping sites, touring parks and even hotels. To find out more about, its story and its purpose, keep reading.

With ConciergePro you get to keep your guests engaged, informed, and intrigued all in one, before, during and after their stay. Paperless guest information, contact trace, menus, push notifications, direct booking, maps, local amenities are just a few of the benefits that come with ConciergePro App.

But why should you consider ConciergePro for your business?

  • FREE 30-day trial
  • Mobile friendly admin
  • Monthly Contract
  • Easy no code set up
  • Simple Pricing
  • Feature Packed
  • No GDPR impact
  • Unrivalled support 24/7

We asked Mark Lesbirel (the founder of Kappow Apps) about what inspired him to create ConciergePro. This is where we learnt about his passions. He says,

This started because I enjoy snowboarding and windsurfing – and I was thinking about creating a weather app. I thought about how I would check the weather before I got there, during a visit and even when I got back (see what I missed out on).

Then I thought that was an opportunity for brands to extend their reach (by branding a Weather app for their locations). Then I thought that was a bit boring. So, I added a messaging channel to it – brands would send image/push messages to guests that had the app.

All other channels (like email and social) are very ‘cluttered’. Mark Warner (and a few others) bought in to this. It was in a meeting with them when they told me they used the messaging channel to engage resort guests with info about what is on, timetable etc that I realised there was a lot more opportunity for great content in the apps. So, ConciergePro was born”.

It is always inspiring to watch an idea turn into a product that many users enjoy. ConciergePro has been working with Unity for the past 14 months, providing a guest experience app for all visitors to their site in Brean Sands, Somerset. Since using the app, the company has now been able to engage visitors/guests on a biblical scale!

Mark Lesbirel notes “a highlight for us was seeing Unity getting 90,000 engagements in 1 month” and they got there from a couple of months previously, crushing the messaging and content within the app. In this day and age, it is essential for companies to be efficient and make their systems portable and easily accessible. ConciergePro does just that. Mark notes, “publishing added value content in app and using push notifications engages guests and puts everything they need right in their pocket”. With this you can have hassle free and convenient experience both for you and your guests.

Not only this, but ConciergePro are also available to set up your app for you and your business. Guests can scan a QR code or tap a link within the app that is available for free in both the Play and App store on your phones. The app costs just £39.00 per property/holiday park per month. For more information or to request a demo, please visit



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