Holiday Parks And Leisure Parks In Torfaen

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Holiday Parks And Leisure Parks In Torfaen

Torfaen while sparse in terms of places to go. on the other hand, it does have a few grand and notable landmarks that will make the trip worthwhile, like The Cwmbran Boating Lake which offers a large clean space for simple and fun days out like a picnic. In addition, going on a river run on one of the boats at the lake. On top of that, you could get a refreshing ice cream over at the local shop on-site on the other side of the outing train. You could go to Pontypool Park with its large space and great pounds. Furthermore, Cwmbran is a great spot for picnicking. Coupled with, the bonus of grottos you could go up to for a lovely view with your lunch along with that Pontypool also comes with a leisure center.  

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