PHHPA Road Trip: Abaco Transport

Abaco Transport – PHHPA’s Road Trip

PHHPA have officially hit the road again! Where did we go this time? Essex…the home of the Park Home and Holiday Park Association. We travelled up north and we travelled down to the coast, but it was finally time to meet those who are right on our doorstep. With that being said, we started day 2 with a visit to their HQ, an incredible delivery and siting company in Southminster. Meeting Peter Herrington, the founder of Abaco Transport, was incredible.

Peter has been in the business since 1985, siting caravans and other deliveries for over 30 years. And let us tell you, it shows. The experience, knowledge, and skill ware evident with every conversation had with Peter. He is a truly incredible man.

Walk-through the yard

During our trip and visit, Peter showed us around his yard and the offices. We were shown various trucks and land rovers, all used to site mobile homes in various locations. From this we were able to really gather the ins and outs of siting park homes and lodges.

The founder also shared some inspirational and very funny stories about transportation of the units across the country. Sharing over 30 years of history. We were lucky enough to spend 4 hours with Peter, sharing fascinating and humorous as well as educational stories of his travels. We even learned about the time they had to float a park home on a barge down on the river themes so it could be placed into someone’s garden.

Abaco Transport’s Storytelling

Besides the humour, he was an incredibly insightful individual. With so much knowledge and skills. Never thought for a moment how much was actually involved in the transportation and siting of caravans. It requires so much expertise to battle any hurdles that come their way. From different types of land to manoeuvring the units through hills and mountains. We even learned about the times were craned need to be used in order to safely site a park home.abaco transport

Some of his personal stories were absolutely shocking, making us laugh till our cheeks started hurting. For instance, having to shut down the Southend Airport in order to get a park home sited. Or visiting France by the mountains and having your gearbox blow, only to find out that you can only get it fixed in a weeks’ time! Stranded in France doesn’t sound too bad but having no way home is never ideal.

To round up visiting Abaco Transport…

Overall, it has been an experience worth cherishing. Peter is an incredible man with experience that spreads over the decades. It was clear as day that he absolutely loves his business and what they do. He has worked with so many hugely successful park operators, including our very own Alfie Best.

His stories have been so interesting, entertaining, educational, and inspiring. Our director general even recommended that he should write a book!

We have loved the opportunity to have spend our day with Peter and his team. Our team could have stayed there all day listening to his story and continue learning all about the process of siting a park home, static caravan, or a lodge.

Thank you to Abaco Transport for having us. We value our time with you and the insights that we get to take away and share with others. Visit to join us and you never know, we could visit you next!

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