Volkswagen Announce the Launch of a ‘Mobile Home in a Box’

Do you have a Volkswagen mini-bus that you have thought would be great to camp in, but you still need to use it as a van or just don’t have the time or money to go through a full fit out?

Well, the great news is that Volkswagen have just launched a range of mini-mobile camping units. This is in response to the increased demand for camping equipment over the past year due to the rise of ‘staycations’ in the UK caused by the pandemic.

The units are designed to fit into the luggage compartment of the Caravelle, California Beach Tour and Caddy models and include a kitchen area, bed, water supply, and storage space.

The ‘mobile home in a box’ is a range of modular units that fit into existing luggage compartments. They were designed to make travel convenient by including all of the utilities to make camping comfortable in a beautifully designed unit.

Each unit is designed to fit perfectly into its vehicle and prices range from £2,555-£3,340 which is considerably less than a full conversion and leaves your van intact for everyday use. An added bonus is that you can just buy it, slot it in and drive off. A conversion would take time and leave you without your trusty van.

You can also just buy the folding mattress for £495. I love the idea that you can have a van you use for day to day living, and maybe work, but come the weekend you just pick up your BusBox or KombiBox and you could be off on an adventure.

Since it includes a two burner stove and a bed you really would just need to put in your luggage. Oh … and maybe some curtains?

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