Code of Practise

Foreword by Managing Director of the PHHPA 


Welcome to The Park Home and Holiday Park Association founded in 2021. The Park Home and Holiday Park Association (PHHPA) is a UK trade body for park operators. This includes Residential Parks, Retirement Parks, Holiday Parks, Leisure Parks, Lodge Parks, Camping, Glamping and Caravan Sites and service providers to the industry across the UK. 


Our primary aim is to encourage the growth of park operators and park suppliers in the industry, and the number of parks that exist in the UK. Our mission is to protect, educate, recognise, support and train UK Park Operators and Service Providers as we move forward into the future.


The different areas of park operator/ownership represent different sectors ie: Residential Parks, Retirement Parks, Holiday Park and Leisure Park industry sectors.


Our aims, aspirations and mission is to support park operators and park suppliers at all levels. This includes supporting the business growth of start-up park operators offering the support service within the association. We aim to provide a framework and groundwork alongside professional and industry training enabling them to source, build, create and run their park professionally and in line with government legislation.


For existing park operators, we aim to support the industry across many areas including licencing and planning and provide an understanding as to how to effectively utilise licencing and planning to grow their park home estates. 


We aim to bring together suppliers into the industry working to best practice who provide their products and services into UK park operators.


Our association’s primary aim is to support and protect park operators, however we also have a code of conduct for our association members as to how they manage, treat, trade with and deal with their customers. We expect that members of our association will uphold our Code of Practice for customers and residents alike.


We aim to lobby government and MP’s both locally and on a national level, to gain support for the industry and to help the awareness and growth of the sector. Including:


Residential Sectors: To be able to see the number and quality of parks grow in the UK as we believe that it is one of the solutions to affordable housing and affordable living within the UK.


Leisure Parks and Holiday Parks: Due to the recent challenges that the UK and the rest of the world has faced due to Covid 19 the staycation market is growing here in the UK and abroad. We believe that the Holiday and Leisure Park industry will continue to grow and we are here to support that growth.


To help us achieve the continued growth and professional management of parks across the UK we have developed a Code of Practice


We look forward to receiving feedback from association members, customers and residents of park operators in order for us to ensure that the highest standards and best practices are upheld at all times by our association members.


We have also created the association to aid and assist in the training and education of park operators, the directors and owners, managers and the teams that manage individual and group parks across the UK.


We have also created an awards’ recognition programme to recognise achievement, success and growth of park operators and suppliers. Our regional PHHPA scheme which includes regional awards are awarded 52 weeks a year, culminating in a national end of year gala awards. This is where PHHPA members, influencers, guest speakers and experts come together to celebrate 2021 success and finalists.


We are proud to be operating in an industry that is growing and developing and is continually improving.


We are also looking at government legislation and as new legislation is passed we will update our members accordingly. This includes the recent changes in legislation for the Fit and Proper Person Test which affects park operators across England.


In the following pages you will find more information about our membership and services as well as a more extensive report of our member Code of Practice.


As we progress, grow and develop, our Code of Practice will be updated accordingly.


We wish you every success in your continued growth of your park operation in the UK.


Bradley Chapman

Managing Director PHHPA Ltd.

23rd June 2021




Membership to the Park Home and Holiday Park Association (PHHPA) is open to operators of parks across the UK and park suppliers including residential, retirement, holiday and leisure parks, camping, glamping and caravan sites and service providers into these industries.


Our membership has an annual fee based on the number of sites operated or in the case of service providers the number of regions covered by the member. If the number of sites or regions is increased, members must inform the PHHPA immediately and pay an additional fee per extra park, which will be pro rata of the yearly cost for the additional site. Failure to do so within 14 days of securing or owning a new site could result in membership suspension.


Membership has extensive benefits which are designed to forward our mission. 


Firstly, our mission to protect our members is supported by being the ears and mouth of the industry. 


We will listen to our clients and offer advice where needed and assist members in accessing barristers, lawyers and other specialists that can aid in legal matters.


We will keep up to date with legislation and inform our members of changes so that they remain compliant with regulations.


We will lobby the government and MP’s at both local and national level to gain support for the park industry.


Secondly, our mission to educate and train our members is met in several ways. We run members monthly training zoom calls to keep our members up to date with the latest news and information and updates as well as insights to help our members with various aspects of their businesses.


We provide an extensive range of training from start-up to licencing and planning, sales and marketing, social media and beyond. This includes free and discounted packages. We can also create bespoke training to suit members needs.


There are regular informative articles in our own monthly trade magazine Park Focus and on our website in our news section. 


Thirdly, our mission to recognise our members is fulfilled in a couple of ways. We have created the PHHPA Awards. Members can apply for nomination to the PHHPA Awards and can attend the annual awards gala where we will recognise the best in our industry.


Additionally, members’ achievements will be celebrated in our member magazine. Members can send success stories and news to our creative team for submission to our magazine via our e-mail We will interview members and their parks and/or businesses will be featured.

Lastly, our mission to support our members is achieved in a variety of ways including but not limited to the following:


Members are entitled to discounts on events and training services. 


Members have access to the PHHPA jobs board website. (Live July 2021)


Members have access to the PHHPA park home sales website. (Live July 2021)


Members are entitled to a complimentary website and social media review upon membership acceptance.


Members can request direct access to our finance and funding connections to assist with park home funding from £500k-£30m+.


We can offer support with Licencing and Planning to help members utilise Licencing and Planning to grow their parks.


We have an online directory which is available to both our association park member park operators and our suppliers to the industry.


Members will have the right to display the Park Home and Holiday Park Association (PHHPA) logo on all of their written information, website and social media.


We are growing a number of members as part of our committee that will play an integral part in the growth of the association as we move forward.


Code of Practice


To help us to support our members we have created this Code of  Practice. It sets out principles of good practice so that in following it our members will adhere to government legislation, have a thorough understanding of the industry and offer high standards of customer service. 


We believe that in adhering to this code members will gain a good reputation and will raise the reputation of the industry as a whole.


  • Members will comply with the PHHPA Code of Practice.
  • Members will not behave in any way that will bring the PHHPA or UK Park industry into disrepute.
  • Members will strive for best possible customer service.
  • Members will be honest in all dealing with residents/customers.
  • Members will promote and protect residents/customer rights.
  • Members must carry adequate Public Liability Insurance and ensure that it is kept up to date. They will send a copy of this to the PHHPA on application and renewal.
  • Members will ensure that any applicable accreditations are kept up to date.
  • Members will ensure that all products and services they offer comply with industry rules and standards.
  • Members will have or upon joining will adopt a suitable set of policies and procedures for customer service, complaints handling and health and safety. These must include all aspects which are applicable to their services and must comply with the latest standards.

For applicants who do not yet have this in place we can assist you in this matter.


  • Members will be fully qualified and accredited for the work that they undertake.
  • Members will comply with GDPR.
  • Members will abide by all regulations, local restrictions and bye laws pertinent to their business.
  • Members will regularly review their practices and works to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards.
  • Members will regularly review work carried out by staff and subcontractors.
  • Members will have no confusing or misleading statements in their marketing, advertising promotions or publications.
  • Members will ensure that marketing and advertising is clear and accurate and complies fully with legislation and rules related to it.
  • Where guarantees or warranties are given this shall not affect the customers statutory rights.
  • All agreements between members and their customers should be compliant with current legislation.
  • Members will only change pitch fees in accordance to current legislation which requires notice and the appropriate form.
  • Members will give residents 28 days notice of changes to the park or the running of the park.
  • Members will give residents 28 days notice of changes to the park rules.
  • Members will maintain clear communication.
  • Members will ensure client confidentiality.
  • Members will keep all appointments booked and will keep to the appointment times agreed. Where this is not possible, members will contact the customer at the earliest possible opportunity to reschedule where possible.
  • Members will respond to all communications as soon as possible.
  • Members will be courteous and respectful to all residents/customers, their property and their belongings.
  • Members are encouraged to liaise with residents regarding works which could increase pitch fees or cause significant disruption.
  • Members agree to deal with resident/customer complaints promptly and courteously.
  • Members should be realistic with regard to work dates and the length of time required to carry out said works.
  • Members will inform residents/customers before undertaking works/additional works which could incur additional fees.
  • Members will inform the PHHPA of any changes of company information or contact details.
  • Members will inform the PHHPA if they acquire additional parks or increase their area of operation. They will pay any additional fees at a rate pro rata for the year.
  • As an association, we support equality and diversity by avoiding discriminating against people and creating an inclusive environment for our members.
  • Members must comply with fair trading standards.
  • The association reserves the right to change the Code of Practice in order to stay compliant with legislation and to remain relevant and up to date.

We agree to send members 28 days notice of changes to the Code of Practice wherever practicable.


Complaints Handling


The Park Home and Holiday Park Association (PHHPA) accepts enquiries and feedback from members, residents and customers of its members.  


This will aid us in understanding where members can improve their service and in supporting them to put in place better practice where possible. 


On receipt of negative feedback the PHHPA will respond quickly in contacting both the resident/customer and the member.


The resident/customer will be thanked for their feedback and assured that we will be following up the enquiry and ensuring that it is dealt with. We offer no resolution.


The member will be notified of the feedback. If the member needs support to resolve the issue then we will offer whatever advice and aid we can. It is our aim to aid members to become and remain compliant with our Code of Practice and offer the highest possible customer service to residents/customers.



The PHHPA can be contacted in the following ways:


General E-mail:


Report Broken Website: 


Phone: 0203 488 1560

Address: 857 London Road, Grays, Essex RM20 3AT


Emergency Contact: WhatsApp – 07734 464287