Leisure Park Homes

This is an informative page based on Leisure Park Homes for Occupants and Leisure Park Home Operators.

What is a Leisure Park Home?

Leisure park homes are similar to residential park homes, although the difference is that these are for holiday makers. These are intended for short stay holidays, compared to Residential parks being intended for living.  

Benefits of Leisure Park Homes

Due to the sites generally having multiple park homes, there is a great sense of community. Consequently, this is comforting for those visiting a leisure park home for holiday. Additionally, relaxing as a community is something that a lot of holiday makers value as part of their experience. Alongside this, often times do people enjoy and aim to achieve the relaxing environment of Park Homes.

Likewise, some Leisure Parks offer pet friendly options. This may be comforting for those who rely on their pets, or to give your furry friends a good time out.

Mobile Homes Act 2013

“The Mobile Homes Act 2013 has officially replaced the long overdue and outdated previous one dating all the way…” “Within the 30 years, things have changed and the park home industry has evolved.
This act was therefore introduced in order to raise standards throughout the industry as well as….” Read More 

Mobile Home Siting and Transportation

“Have you ever visited a park home site and thought to yourself – ‘how are these mobile homes even placed here?’. Keep reading to discover just how the park homes are transported and sited ready for the resident.” Read More

Lawful Development Certificate

“Applying for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) will ensure that your existing use of a building is lawful for planning purposes OR that your proposed development does not requite further planning permissions…” Read More

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